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If we love with our whole mind and soul and strength, how much mind and soul and strength have we left. We must live this life now. Death changes nothing. If we do not learn to enjoy God now we never will. If we do not learn to praise Him and thank Him and rejoice in Him now, we never will.
Dorothy Day, The Long Loneliness
Scripture is not worshipped. It is not in scripture that we place our hope. It is not on scripture that we stake our lives. All of that is reserved for Jesus Christ alone. Scripture, rather, is God’s true word written - as faithful church proclamation is likewise God’s true word spoken - both of which attest to, bear witness about, and give testimony of the Word of God, Jesus Christ.
Christian Smith, The Bible Made Impossible
One of the primary laws of human life is that you become like what you worship; what’s more, you reflect what you worship not only back to the object itself but also outward to the world around.
N.T. Wright (via classyliving)
Worship, instead of being a rehearsal of God’s saving actions in the world and for the world, is exchanged for making people feel comfortable, happy, and affirmed. Worship, no longer the public prayer of God’s people, becomes a private and individualized experience. Beneath the privatization of worship is the ever-present individualism of our culture. This focus on the self results in prayers that are concerned with my life, my needs, my desires - prayers that seem indifferent to the needs of the poor and the problem of violence and war that devours nations and societies and ignore the works of God in Christ to bring to an end all evil, death, and sin.
Robert Webber, Ancient-Future Worship (via benghini)
But although a difference in opinions or modes of worship may prevent an entire external union, yet need it prevent our union in affection? Though we cannot think alike, may we not love alike? May we not be of one heart, though we are not of one opinion? Without all doubt, we may. Herein all the children of God may unite, notwithstanding these smaller differences. These remaining as they are, they may forward one another in love and in good works.
John Wesley
Personalism isolates you in this mad world; and considering your own nothingness and God’s beauty and glory and majesty and loving kindness, studying to know Him, to love Him, to worship Him, and love others in Him starts off in the communitarian end of it.
Dorothy Day

Because Christianity is an historical religion, based on events in time and place, it is assumed too often, even by Christians, that those events are historically verifiable. Because we can point to classical references to a sect which believed in Christ, many jump to the conclusion that that belief is objective evidence of the facts they wish to establish. But history comes in later and in a different way.

What is inescapable for the most sceptical historian is not the fact of the Incarnate Body of Christ, but the fact of his Mystical Body, the Church. Whether or not on a particular Thursday evening in an upper room in Jerusalem, Jesus of Nazareth ordered His followers till the end of time to eat his Body and drink his Blood under the species of bread and wine can never be ‘historically’ established. But that for nineteen centuries this has been done cannot be ‘historically’ escaped.

… The unique phenomenon in history is the Church—that is to say, the company of people which no man now can number who eat, have eaten and will eat the Body, who drink, have drunk and will drink the Blood.

Hugh Ross Williamson, The Great Prayer: Concerning the Canon of the Mass (1955)
We worship the God of Easter morning, therefore, only because he is first and last the God of Good Friday, the God of Golgotha, the God of Lent.
Ralph C. Wood, Preaching and Professing
We risk engaging in idolatry, not only when we worship false gods but also when we set up false devils! God is not honored when we are unfair to people with whom we disagree.
To worship God and live faithfully are necessary conditions if you are to survive in college. But as a Christian you are called to do more than survive. You are called to use the opportunity you have been given to learn to construe the world as a creature of a God who would have us enjoy—and bask in—the love that has brought us into existence. God has given your mind good work to do. As members of the Church, we’re counting on you. It won’t be easy. It never has been. But I can testify that it can also be a source of joy.
Stanley Hauerwas, Go With God
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